Amalfi Coast

Spring had already arrived hopeful and colorful as ever- paving a path for adventure towards the beach.  The Amalfi Coast was our first stop, leaving behind the Tuscan sun and entering the winding roads overlooking spectacular panoramic views of the sea from up above the overhanging cliffs and the little fishing villages along the coast … More Amalfi Coast


Mexico, the memories from this special country are endless. I’ve realized over multiple times visiting Mexico that’s never the same. There are deserts, forests, jungles, virgin beaches, little towns, and big cities. It’s delicious food has the most diversity of any country in Central America. I look back to my first time visiting Mexico, I … More Mexico


Guatemala, a mystic land. It is here were Tikal, the “Mayan Temple of the Voices,” is found and the glorious volcanic lake Atitlan home to many indigenous villages. Even today many of their rituals are still being performed. It’s people are tied to their ancestral ways and wear clothes with the colors and patterns of … More Guatemala


Peru was my home for the first 15 years of my life, I lived in Lima with my single mom and sister. We were quite happy living in a big chaotic, diverse, noisy and fun city, but Lima is not Peru. My country has much more to offer, from loud cities to tall mountains, endless … More Peru